Classic 3/4 Sleeve Shirts in Stock

Back in the days, 50/50 made this 3/4 sleeve shirt. I loved that shirt, but lost it when we moved. We’ll they’re back, and in stock! To sweeten the deal, each order includes a free vinyl transfer stamp logo sticker!

Testing the 3/4 sleeve Stamp Logo Shirt. Makes soul grinds easy!

Testing the 3/4 sleeve Stamp Logo Shirt. Makes soul grinds easy!

Stamp Logo 3/4 Length Shirt
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Lawrence Ingraham
Frames Are Shipping

By now you're probably heard the news. The frames arrived at our office and we're shipping them out as quickly as possible. We're going by order number, so people who placed their orders early will get frames first. Shops will be getting their frames within the next week.

Thanks as always for your patience with this process. We've learned a lot during this production run which will let us make frames much faster in the future. This is just the beginning of the 50/50 reboot.

Lawrence Ingraham
Frame Shipment Update

After weeks of production being complete, the shipping company has finally confirmed the delivery for Tuesday, June 5th. I'm really sorry about missing the May delivery date. If I still had hair, I'd have pulled it out by now.

I won't get into the details, but let's just say there were some communication issues within the shipping company that we're using to pickup the frames in China and deliver them to my office in North Carolina. It has all been resolved now and a flight has been scheduled for June 1st. Assuming no issues with customs or anything else, I should have them in my office early next week, shipping out to you by Friday.

On the brighter side, I have another shipment of the 20mm frame bolts in stock and will be including 2x of the 20mm in every box. These are the frame bolts you'll need for the Razors Cult, Rollerblade New Jack, Them 908 (presumably) and potentially other raised heel boots. I'll still have extra bolt packs on the website, but I'll make sure the 20mm are in the box from now on.

Thanks again for your patience with this. I have confidence that now that I have all the kinks worked out, and personal contacts at the shipping company to make things happen, the next shipment of frames will be much smoother. 



Lawrence Ingraham
Frame Stickers

As we wait for the frames to arrive (you’re killing me customs!) we wanted to share the final frame labels. All three colors will be in the box for you to apply. What’s your color?

Lawrence Ingraham
Special Use UFS Frame Bolts

The 50/50 Balance frames have internal arch support between each wheel. This means there's limited space for the UFS frame bolts, and they probably won't work with the frame bolts that came with your skates.

Rest assured, each of the 50/50 Balance frames will come with six 16mm frame bolts designed specifically for the frames (four for use, two just in case you lose one). They will fit 90% of skates, but what about the other 10%?

We just received a shipment of custom frame bolts that are designed for those non-standard skates. They come in two sizes: 12mm and 20mm. We've made them available on the shop for $2 which includes free shipping world wide.

We'll be putting together a list of skates which need these special bolts as we can. So far, the Rollerblade New Jack is the first I've found that's incompatible and requires the longer 20mm bolt in the back. You will also need a shorter frame bolt if you have a pair of Seba CJ/SX and plan to skate them without the soul plates.

Lawrence Ingraham
Can Cooler Now In Stock

Who doesn't like a cold drink? Whether it’s a PBR or Pamplemousse, the 50/50 Can Cooler will keep your drink cold, and look awesome while you're using it. Now in stock at our shop.

If you ordered a can cooler without frames, it'll ship out today. Otherwise if you preordered frames, or if you ordered one with frames, it'll ship with your frames in a few weeks.

Lawrence Ingraham
Frame Production Completed
Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 3.12.00 PM.png

Last night, and a week ahead of schedule, the factory notified me they had completed production on the frames. I've sent the wire transfer for the remaining balance and arranged pickup for Monday morning. This is a very exciting day.

So what happens next? The frames will probably take a week to get here from China, maybe faster maybe slower depending on customs and all that stuff. Once they arrive at the warehouse we'll do a quick inventory and quality check to make sure everything is as expected. Then we'll start shipping them out to everyone who has ordered them.

Who gets the frames first? We'll be shipping in order of when your order was placed. Once we get through all the preorders, we'll send the orders to shops. I don't know how long this process will take, but I'll be taking the day off my normal job once the frames arrive to make sure you get your frames as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for believing in us, and for your support with this project. This has been a dream come true for me and I couldn't have done it without your help.

Lawrence Ingraham
Beanies are in

Beanies are in! If you ordered a beanie, it’ll go out tomorrow. If you got it free with the frames, I’ll go out with the frames.

Want a beanie? We have a few extra in stock

Lawrence Ingraham
Frame Packaging is Ready!

No more printing it out yourself at home, the real packaging is ready! We got a few images from the factory as they picked them up from the printers and they look great! They're a light gray with dark gray text, lots of logos and info with a shiny UV coating. I think you're gonna love unboxing them!

Lawrence Ingraham
T-shirts Have Shipped

A post shared by jc (@jctownsend) on

Just a quick update that t-shirts shipped last week for people who didn't also order frames and should be arriving any day now. If you haven't received your shirts by Friday May 4th, please let me know so I can track them down.

People who ordered frames will get their shirts with the frame shipment in a few weeks. We got an update today from the factory and we're still on track for receiving the frames in mid-May. Will update when we know more.

Lawrence Ingraham
Clothing Production is Ready

I just picked up the t-shirts and hoodies from the screen printer, and boy do they look amazing. The Balance logo on a red shirt just screams, and I think you're going to love these hoodies when they're ready. I'm going to be folding and bagging them this week so they're kept nice and neat until they get to you.

If you ordered shirts by them selves, or the two shirt deal, I'll be sending them out this week. Check your email for a tracking number by Friday.

If you ordered the frames and shirt combo pack, your shipment will be combined in one package when the frames ship next month.

If you ordered one of the hoodie samples, I still need to measure and orderer the woven labels to finish them off. I'll send you an email with an update tomorrow after I order the labels. Rest assured though, they look incredible!

It's not too late to order shirts! We have a few extra in stock if you're interested. Check our Shop for more information.

Lawrence Ingraham
Quick Frame Production Update

We've been quiet on the frame production the last few weeks. There's a lot of prep work needed to get these things made and unfortunately there's a lot of downtime between steps. Here's a few quick updates on everything I know.

The mold for the custom parts (axles and frame bolts) has been started. Remember we use our own axles and frame bolts with smaller heads so there's more material and strength to the frames. We're making a bunch of extras and will have them on the shop if you need them, but it also means next run will be faster since the hardware will be on hand.

The frame material is running a week behind schedule due to our custom blend being a bit rare. They need to order 2 tons of it at a time, so again we shouldn't have this delay next run, but it's taking longer to get to the factory than I hoped. This shouldn't cause any delays in the delivery of frames, we're still on track for May.

The stickers for the frames will be ordered next week, which is something I'm really excited about.  Being able to customize your frames with just a little color or logo will be really cool. I'm hoping we can do some limited run designs as well, lots of potential.

Thanks again for your support on this project. It's been 15+ years since I've done frame production so I'm learning a ton to better prepare for the next run. I really appreciate your patience.

Lawrence Ingraham
Frame Packaging Confirmed

We've been working with the factory getting production ramped up for the frames, and wanted to share with you the final packaging artwork. Since the original 50/50 frames, we've always valued the unboxing experience. This new run has completely updated artwork with a new design to better fit the frames with Juice Blocks installed.

If you're like me and just can't wait till May to get your hands on this packaging, here's a mini version you can print out at home! Cut around the outside and get to folding. Normal 8.5 x 11 paper should do the trick. 

2018 balance frame packaging(305x102x50mm)-hc.jpg
Lawrence Ingraham
Frame Sticker Details

We’ve never really talked about the decals that go on the frames. Back in the days we had what are called dome labels on each of the frames. They looked great but are expensive and ended up falling out after a few years.

This time we’re going to provide a sticker sheet with each of the frames. Each sheet includes 3 different color stickers, 12 stickers in all, so you can customize them to fit your setup. Additional sticker sheets with different colors will be available on the website shortly after we ship.



Lawrence Ingraham
Posters Preparing for Shipment

We just finished getting all the sticker sheets out, so if you ordered frames make sure to check your mailbox this week. The posters are all packed up and we'll start shipping them out this weekend.

If you've received your sticker sheets, let us know! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and we'll share your post.

Lawrence Ingraham
Sticker Sheets Now Shipping

We've started packing up the sticker sheets and sending them out via USPS mail. Unfortunately there's no tracking numbers so you won't get an email, but they should be there this weekend or early next week. International orders are also going out, but will take bit longer to get to you.

I had hoped to include them in the poster tubes to save some money and get them to you in one shipment, but the stickers got destroyed when I rolled them up. So you'll be getting two shipments from us: an envelope with the sticker sheets and a tube with the poster. Tubes will be shipping out this weekend. It's more time consuming, but worth the effort to get the stickers to you in good shape.

Lawrence Ingraham
Sticker Sheets Are In! Posters Update

We just received delivery of the sticker sheets, and they look great! Super shiny, perfect for a helmet or a notepad or anywhere you want to stick them. People who have ordered sticker sheets will get their shipments sent out tonight!

Also, we ran into a problem with the posters. The shipping labels are too big for the tube! New smaller labels will be here tomorrow, which mean we'll be able to include the sticker sheets in the poster shipments. So if you ordered frames, you should be getting a nice surprise this weekend.

Lawrence Ingraham
Posters are here!

We just received the poster shipment along with a ton of tubes to mail them out. We’ll be spending tonight rolling them up and getting them ready to send to you.

Reminder: If you preordered frames, or you ordered a poster individually, check your email Monday for a shipping confirmation. If you’re interested in getting one, check our shop. 

Lawrence Ingraham
Posters Incoming
Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 10.26.38 AM.png

We've just received shipment notifications for the posters and mailing tubes. With any luck they'll be here by the weekend so we can start packing them up. Anyone who has placed an order for frames, or who has ordered posters individually, will get an email as soon as they go out, hopefully Monday of next week.

It's not too late to get a poster if you want one! We've got plenty coming. Here's where you can order.

Lawrence Ingraham
Hardware Confirmed

The Balance frames had always used slightly smaller diameter bolt heads to give the frame more internal support. We've been looking into modifying the frame mold to use more standard hardware, and received a package today of hardware samples.

The hardware samples look good, however the frame modification would have delayed the production of the frames and cost more money than we think it's worth. So we've instead decided to stick with our original hardware design for the axles, frame bolts and spacers to avoid any delays.

What does this mean to you? You'll need to use our hardware to mount the frames to your boots and the wheels to the frame. We'll be providing all the hardware with the frames, including extra frame bolts just in case one comes loose. If you lose one or they break, we'll have plenty in stock to replace, free of charge.  There will also be packs of axles and bolts and frame spacers sold separately on our shop in case you want to stock up.

Lawrence Ingraham