Hardware Confirmed


The Balance frames had always used slightly smaller diameter bolt heads to give the frame more internal support. We've been looking into modifying the frame mold to use more standard hardware, and received a package today of hardware samples.

The hardware samples look good, however the frame modification would have delayed the production of the frames and cost more money than we think it's worth. So we've instead decided to stick with our original hardware design for the axles, frame bolts and spacers to avoid any delays.

What does this mean to you? You'll need to use our hardware to mount the frames to your boots and the wheels to the frame. We'll be providing all the hardware with the frames, including extra frame bolts just in case one comes loose. If you lose one or they break, we'll have plenty in stock to replace, free of charge.  There will also be packs of axles and bolts and frame spacers sold separately on our shop in case you want to stock up.

Lawrence Ingraham