Quick Frame Production Update


We've been quiet on the frame production the last few weeks. There's a lot of prep work needed to get these things made and unfortunately there's a lot of downtime between steps. Here's a few quick updates on everything I know.

The mold for the custom parts (axles and frame bolts) has been started. Remember we use our own axles and frame bolts with smaller heads so there's more material and strength to the frames. We're making a bunch of extras and will have them on the shop if you need them, but it also means next run will be faster since the hardware will be on hand.

The frame material is running a week behind schedule due to our custom blend being a bit rare. They need to order 2 tons of it at a time, so again we shouldn't have this delay next run, but it's taking longer to get to the factory than I hoped. This shouldn't cause any delays in the delivery of frames, we're still on track for May.

The stickers for the frames will be ordered next week, which is something I'm really excited about.  Being able to customize your frames with just a little color or logo will be really cool. I'm hoping we can do some limited run designs as well, lots of potential.

Thanks again for your support on this project. It's been 15+ years since I've done frame production so I'm learning a ton to better prepare for the next run. I really appreciate your patience.

Lawrence Ingraham