Clothing Production is Ready

I just picked up the t-shirts and hoodies from the screen printer, and boy do they look amazing. The Balance logo on a red shirt just screams, and I think you're going to love these hoodies when they're ready. I'm going to be folding and bagging them this week so they're kept nice and neat until they get to you.

If you ordered shirts by them selves, or the two shirt deal, I'll be sending them out this week. Check your email for a tracking number by Friday.

If you ordered the frames and shirt combo pack, your shipment will be combined in one package when the frames ship next month.

If you ordered one of the hoodie samples, I still need to measure and orderer the woven labels to finish them off. I'll send you an email with an update tomorrow after I order the labels. Rest assured though, they look incredible!

It's not too late to order shirts! We have a few extra in stock if you're interested. Check our Shop for more information.

Lawrence Ingraham