Special Use UFS Frame Bolts


The 50/50 Balance frames have internal arch support between each wheel. This means there's limited space for the UFS frame bolts, and they probably won't work with the frame bolts that came with your skates.

Rest assured, each of the 50/50 Balance frames will come with six 16mm frame bolts designed specifically for the frames (four for use, two just in case you lose one). They will fit 90% of skates, but what about the other 10%?

We just received a shipment of custom frame bolts that are designed for those non-standard skates. They come in two sizes: 12mm and 20mm. We've made them available on the shop for $2 which includes free shipping world wide.

We'll be putting together a list of skates which need these special bolts as we can. So far, the Rollerblade New Jack is the first I've found that's incompatible and requires the longer 20mm bolt in the back. You will also need a shorter frame bolt if you have a pair of Seba CJ/SX and plan to skate them without the soul plates.

Lawrence Ingraham