Frame Shipment Update


After weeks of production being complete, the shipping company has finally confirmed the delivery for Tuesday, June 5th. I'm really sorry about missing the May delivery date. If I still had hair, I'd have pulled it out by now.

I won't get into the details, but let's just say there were some communication issues within the shipping company that we're using to pickup the frames in China and deliver them to my office in North Carolina. It has all been resolved now and a flight has been scheduled for June 1st. Assuming no issues with customs or anything else, I should have them in my office early next week, shipping out to you by Friday.

On the brighter side, I have another shipment of the 20mm frame bolts in stock and will be including 2x of the 20mm in every box. These are the frame bolts you'll need for the Razors Cult, Rollerblade New Jack, Them 908 (presumably) and potentially other raised heel boots. I'll still have extra bolt packs on the website, but I'll make sure the 20mm are in the box from now on.

Thanks again for your patience with this. I have confidence that now that I have all the kinks worked out, and personal contacts at the shipping company to make things happen, the next shipment of frames will be much smoother. 



Lawrence Ingraham