Sticker Sheets Have Been Ordered

We just placed the order for the sticker sheets. They'll probably be here by end of next week, waiting on confirmation. We had to tweak the layout a bit to make them fit properly in the sheet, and it hasn't been approved yet for printing, but I think they look great!

If you ordered sticker sheets by themselves, they'll be sent out as soon as possible. If you're getting sticker sheets as part of your frame preorder, they'll be in the box with the frames in May. If you want them any earlier, you can always order some now and we'll ship them out asap.

Lawrence Ingraham

We ordered the posters today and they should be here by next Friday. I'll be spending most of next weekend packing them up and sending them out to anyone who has preordered frames, or placed an order for a poster.

Postage for these posters is included in the preorder, so I got you. If you're interested in getting a second poster, please order them before next weekend. I can put them both in the same roll and save a little money.

Lawrence Ingraham
Frame Order Has Been Placed

The order has been placed with the factory and we'll share a production start date as soon as we have one.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 9.22.06 AM.png

In addition to the frames, we'll be bringing in extra hardware including axle packs, frame spacers and frame bolts. The goal is to keep this hardware in stock on the shop so you can order extras or get them replaced if anything breaks or gets lost.

Lawrence Ingraham
Welcome to the Production Blog

Thanks to your support, we've got a lot of items to make in the next few months. This will be the best way to get an update on each of the items progress. We're going to try and be as transparent as possible into the production process and let you know what we know for timing and any issues we might encounter.

If you have any specific questions, you can always find us on Facebook, Instagram or by sending us a message. Thanks again for your confidence in us.


Lawrence Ingraham